Do you know what a passivhaus is?

A passivhaus or almost a zero consumption house is a home where energy consumption is reduced to a minimum while maintaining high comfort conditions. A passivhaus offers a comfortable ambient temperature throughout the year, practically without the need to apply conventional heating or cooling.

Its construction typology is based on large insulation, windows of high performance, renovation of indoor air by heat recovery and removal of thermal bridges. A graphic summary would be to put a coat on the building in winter, protect it from overheating in summer and renew and purify its indoor air. The improvement of the construction system of a traditional dwelling in front of a passive dwelling is abysmal. The quality and interior comfort have no comparison.

The principle on which a passivhaus is based is very simple: to achieve optimal interior conditions using the minimum consumption of facilities for its air conditioning. Thus, we will use the sun in winter to “heat” housing and quality insulation and glazing to avoid energy losses. In summer, the sun protection and also the insulation will allow us to protect ourselves from an overheating inside. A passivhaus avoids to the maximum the infiltrations of air unwanted. It ensures the internal ventilation by means of mechanical ventilation, introducing and extracting air of its interior permanently by means of a recuperator of heat. In short, a passivhaus is maximum comfort and minimum consumption.


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