Architects in Sitges

Energy efficiency is the basis for our projects.

Architects in Sitges specialized in designing and building highly energyefficient passive houses, which can be adapted to any style and architectural design.

Undoubtedly, the introduction of the Energy Certification of Buildings was a turning point in our work. It was implemented for newly constructed buildings in 2007, and since 2012 we apply it in all our projects as a standard procedure. Despite there are no regulatory requirements in terms of minimum rating (above D for newlyconstructed buildings), our projects and team of architects in Sitges take the European directive set for the year 2020, in which almost no-energy-consumption will be mandatory for all buildings, as a reference.

We study all variables (such as location, orientation, insolation, building plot, etc.) in order to design sustainable housing units that minimise their energy consumption. Insulations are improved, fine woodwork is used in all our projects, thermal bridging is prevented, and sun protection is studied… all to improve both the degree of comfort and the living standards offered by each housing unit while reducing their energetic mortgage.

We have created a team of architects and construction trained to obtain passivhaus certification. Depending on the objective and budget of the client, we also offer the incorporation of elements that allow us to find the balance between cost and sustainability.

In the construction phase we incorporate all the elements so that the constructive design helps us to achieve the maximum hermeticity of the building, and already in phase of the interior distribution and installation of the systems of refrigeration and heating, we look for the best solutions to reduce the consumption to the minimum. The companies that work with our architecture studio are specialists in the installation of heat pumps, heat recuperators, heating floors and refrigerants, Canadian well, photovoltaic panels and any other element that allows us to improve the well-being of the users and the expense that supposes the maintenance of a house.

We are currently working on the incorporation of home automation related to energy efficiency,