We are an architecture studio specialised in the design and construction of one-family homes and residential buildings according to the Passivhaus standard. Our services in architecture include renovations and refurbishment, energy rehabilitation, and comprehensive management of each project throughout all its phases (project & construct management), reports, certifications, and valuations. Our objective is to achieve maximum comfort while minimising energy consumption as much as possible through the work in both the insulation of the facilities and the envelope of the building.

Our architecture studio specialises in designing and constructing highly energy-efficient houses. We achieve maximum comfort with minimal energy consumption.
We carry out the necessary works in order to optimise the building’s energy consumption and reduce energy expense. We work in both the premises and the envelope of the building, thus improving the insulation in gaps, covered areas, walls, and floors.
We make the most of your commercial premises, refurbishing the area so that it fits both the image and the activity of your business.
Design and construction of residential buildings which provide high energy efficiency, quality in their indoor areas and the utmost indoor comfort. Full management of the architectural technical project, administrative procedures, sales management, and construction works coordination.
We carry out a global management of the technical and administrative aspects during the project phase —we choose the suppliers and vendors, we coordinate the works throughout the construction works execution phase, and we manage the economic and quality control.
Renovation and refurbishment project design, definition of finishing works, and construction works management.
Advice and technical and administrative drafting services for energy certificates, certificates of occupancy, real estate valuations, as well as any kinds of certificates related to architectural services.