Project Management

This service covers all the administrative, technical, and building procedures within a project. In case it is a real estate development for sale, we will even be in charge of the marketing phase. This service is aimed to both individual clients and professional real estate developers.

  • Preliminary architectural project studies.
  • Project’s economic feasibility study.
  • Project’s city planning feasibility study.
  • Local administrative procedures in order to obtain the preliminary town planning certificates.
  • Preliminary management of all factors that may take part in the building process.
  • Supervision of the writing process of several documents: the architectural project, energy studies and reports, and health and safety consultancies.
  • Arrangements and procedures in order to obtain funding.
  • License administrative management.
  • Contract management in construction.
  • Administrative management in the final phase of the construction works.
  • Business management aimed to real estate sale.
Gestión integral de proyecto

Construct Management

Whether you are a freelance real estate developer or you work in the development of small residential building projects, our Construct Management Service will allow you to save both time and money. We perform direct contracting management of construction items, firms, staff, and even materials in order to avoid the need for intermediaries and increase your margin.

  • Establishment of the different budgets based on both the executive project measurements and the client’s specifications.
  • Construction works development and control: deadline compliance, proper execution, and proper costs.
  • Monitoring of the potential budget deviations due to modifications in the original project.
  • Professionals, firms, and tasks management during the works execution phase.
  • Drafting of the different safety plans or any required additional plans for the various aforementioned professionals, firms, and tasks.
  • Optimisation of the construction works timing.
  • Both supervision and coordination of finishing construction works throughout the final works phase.
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