Highly energy efficient houses are those housing units that enjoy almost no energy consumption and the little amount of energy they require comes from renewable sources.

Depending on the particular requirements of each project, we can use solar energy, aerothermics, geothermics, biomass, or a combination of some of them.

We take care of all the process for you. First, we pay a visit to your home in order to make the energy report. Then we process it to the appropriate body (the ICAEN) and finally we give you a label, which is the actual EPC.

Building Information Modeling is a technology that allows us to virtually construct any building. As a result, we are in control of every detail before, during, and after any action is performed.

Of course—when it comes to meeting a challenge, teamwork is a must. The complexity that any project entails makes it essential for several experts to collaborate in order to achieve the best possible final result.

The degree of customisation for our projects is absolute. Our projects are custommade in order to meet the aesthetic, functional, and economic requirements of each client.

We perform direct contracting management of construction items, firms, staff, and materials in order to obtain the best quality for the best price.

We work together with professionals, firms, and materials which that of energy efficiency as a need for the housing units they design, in which reducing the energetic mortgage and improving the degree of comfort of the users become an added value in relation to a conventional construction.

Self-building provides any buyer a chance to own a completely custom-made house, a house where the choices in design and building materials—as well as those regarding economic control—are made to meet the needs of the final client who is bound to live in it.