Installation of a Canadian well in a new building in Sitges

Today we have visited the work of the single-family dwelling of high energy efficiency that we are building in the urbanization of the Levantina in Sitges.

The project responds to two key points: adaptation to the terrain and energy efficiency.

Responding to the characteristics of the terrain, whose inclined topography can reach up to 60% of slope, the project is developed in five different platforms that conquer the terrain ascending backwards.

That is why it is very important to rethink each of these platforms.

Today’s visit has focused on verifying the process of the concrete structure corresponding to the platform of the second level, which will house an indoor pool with gymnasium and other rooms with exit to a large terrace with spectacular views to the sea.

On the other hand, responding to energy efficiency, it is sought that the housing offers a comfort temperature with an almost zero energy consumption. Always following the guidelines of passive architecture. That is why we use a Canadian well, which will help us to temper the incoming air and thus achieve an interior temperature of comfort taking advantage of the constant temperature of the terrain to a certain depth.

During the visit we have followed the installation process of the 8 conduits of the Canadian well that are going to travel separated between them all the lands of the retaining wall of the dwelling with a depth of more than 8m and a zig-zag route of more than 35m. Through these tubes we will be able to preheat or pre-cool the outside air before introducing it inside each room.

This system will be connected to a dual flow heat recuperator so that it will further increase its performance and filter the air.

Achieving an almost zero energy consumption and gaining in thermal comfort is our goal.

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