IV Congress nearly Zero Energy Buildings

On the 13th and 14th of December we attended the IV Congress of Nearly Zero Energy Buildings again in Madrid. Almost 400 congressmen attended the presentation of the guidelines that will mark in Spain what will be called Nearly Zero Energy Buildings, buildings that must comply with the European commitments acquired for 2018 in public buildings and from 2020 for all buildings that are perform.
The program of the congress was very practical. Several projects of nearly zero eneergy buildings were presented, and several round tables focused on the development, exhibition and dissemination of nZEB. There was talk not only of demand reduction, energy and economic savings, but of comfort, health and interior quality in the nZEB. Strategies were presented to promote almost zero energy buildings, various examples of architectural and constructive design and solutions, integration of renewable energies and systems and new installation technologies applied to buildings with almost zero consumption.


The 20 oral presentations presented, as well as the 70 papers reflected in the “nZEB Communications and Projects Book” show that another way to build is possible, and that the future of nearly zero energy buildings is closer than far, which are the way forward, and that are already a reality within our society.


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