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Odontopediatric clinic

Refurbishment and extension of an odontopediatric clinic premises

The building plot: This is an interior refurbishment and extension for an odontopediatric clinic premises.

The conditions: The dental office needed both extension and adaptation construction works. Said works consisted of the extension of an already existing waiting room and the addition of two new cabinets and a new office, as well as a new dressing room and a toilet for disabled people. Part of the existing damaged woodwork in the façade was replaced while maintaining the pre-existing openings.

The project: The pre-existing dental clinic had the area of a business premise. The extension is located in the adjoining premises, so the new requested brief had to be added while connecting the two premises in a proper way. Therefore, the choice of a brief that connects the pre-existing premises and the new ones is crucial.

The construction: The damaged woodwork in the façade was replaced by new one, always maintaining the pre-existing aesthetics. All the party walls inside are made using a drywall system and finished with plastic paint except for the bathroom, whose vertical lining consists of porcelain stoneware tiles finished in white. The suspended ceilings are also made of a continuous drywall system and removable, microperforated metal panels. In those areas intended for private services, the suspended ceilings were made of removable vinyl panels. All the interior woodwork was made of lacquered wood. The floors were tiled in grey porcelain stoneware tiles. As can be seen in the images, bright colours were preferred and included.

The functioning: Due to the previous paths we found in the clinic, our choice was to lead the pre-existing corridor to the new premises, thus preventing any further differentiation between both premises as far as the flow of both users and workers was concerned. The nexus used to connect both the pre-existing premises and the new ones was the waiting room, thus allowing the visitors who must use said area to be in a central place in the clinic already. Since it is an odontopediatric clinic, considering children as potential users became a basic requirement. This is why we decided that there had to exist a shared cabinet featuring horizontal screens in the ceiling in order to allow children to keep company and become entertained, thus turning their visit into a more bearable experience.


  • Client: Private real estate developer
  • Status: Reformed
  • Location: Carretera de Cornellà, 13-15, Esplugues de Llobregat
  • Year: 2015
  • Area: 152m²
  • Energy certification: Not available


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