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Gran Via Carles III

Interior refurbishment project for a housing unit located in a corner multifamily building

The building plot: This is an interior refurbishment project for a housing unit located in a corner multi-family building in Gran Vía de Carles III, in Barcelona. The flat is 145 m², its geometry is quadrangular, and it has two exterior façades.

The conditions: The main objective is to provide a new, more open and functional distribution to the flat by means of an improvement and modernisation of both the existing materials and the installations.

The project: The renovation of the interior space is planned both clearly separating the night and day areas and choosing an open-concept kitchen, living room, and dinning room spaces. Said kitchen should be located next to the access.

The construction: Since we are in a multi-family building, its external aspect will not be modified. Regarding the interior, its distribution is modified using new drywall partition walls. Regarding the materials, parquet flooring is used for all floors but the bathrooms’, where tiles can be found in both floors and walls. Brown Dekon is used for the kitchen island and plays a relevant role in terms of defining the atmosphere of the whole kitchen, living room, and dinning room area.

The functioning: The design suggests a circular concept that surrounds a central core consisting of a bathroom and a walk-in closet. The day area with an openconcept kitchen and living area plus the access are located to one side of the core, whereas the night area with the bedrooms can be found on the other side. Both areas look always towards the façade in order to to enjoy good lighting and ventilation.

Big sliding panels are used ino order to said circular concept to provide versatile spaces that are able to change depending on their use. By making this decision, both functionality and maximisation of the space were sought.

Energy efficiency: All the exterior woodwork is replaced in order to achieve a greater level of thermal comfort with thermal bridge breakage and the proper glasses. Regarding the installations, these are modernised, updated, and replaced with more efficient ones when necessary.

  • Client: Self promotion
  • Status: Refurbished
  • Location: Barcelona
  • Year: 2015
  • Area: 123m² útiles
  • Energy certification:



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