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Adaptation and refurbishment project for a small business premises in order to open a designer bar located in central Sitges

The building plot: This is an interior adaptation refurbishment project for a small business premises located on the ground floor in a building between party walls. Said building is located in calle Joan Tarrida (Joan Tarrida Street), in Sitges. The actual business premise is 49m², presents an elongated geometry, and features an inner courtyard.

The conditions: Due to the modest dimensions of this commercial facility, making the best of its surface and improving its energy efficiency is the major premise of the project. However, placing the bathrooms where needed and fulfilling both current regulations and TBC are also mandatory requirements. All the above without forgetting neither design nor functionality.

The project: In order to increase its interior surface, the bar is placed under the staircase of the building, in the centre of the premises, and connected to the new kitchen. The pre-existing inner courtyard is roofed to house the bathrooms, which are new as well.

A direct access from the street is created by modifying the opening in the façade of the already existing window, thus separating it from the private access to the building.

The construction: A new deck is to be laid above a 15-cm gravel layer protected by a polyethylene sheet in order to prevent humidity leakage, because the pre-existing one had been laid right above the ground.

The existing courtyard is to be roofed using a flat, non-passable roof with composite slabs.

The functioning: Due to the characteristics of the facility, it is longitudinally organised in several areas. First we find the entry access and an area displaying some tables. After that, the premise narrows and leads to an area where the bar, several stools, the kitchen, and the back storage rooms are to be found. Finally, the bathroom is located at the back of the premise.

Energy efficiency: In order to improve both acoustic and thermal insulation, a drywall cladding with rock wool is to be placed in both each perimeter wall and the ceiling of the whole premise. The new roof in the bathroom will be properly waterproofed and insulated.

The health standards of the premises are also improved with the new deck above a gravel layer, for it prevents damp problems that are usually caused by filtering in the ground.

  • Client: Private real estate developer
  • Status: Refurbished
  • Location: C/Joan Tarrida,9 Sitges
  • Year: 2016
  • Area: 49m²
  • Energy certification:


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