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Interior refurbishment for a one-family home between party walls

The building plot: This is an interior refurbishment project for a one-family home between party walls. The housing unit is located in a complex of semi-detached houses featuring a community pool and garden area.

This 3-level housing unit is 157 m². The access from the street is in the second level.

The conditions: The aim of this project is to improve the energy efficiency of the housing unit while changing completely both its design and the way its spaces are organised. By means of an improvement and updating of its materials, as well as by giving both functionality and design a chance, the whole interior space becomes renovated.

The project: Since we are in a housing complex and there is no need to alter its image, the external aspect of the house will not be modified.

Regarding the interior refurbishment itself, the preexistent English-type sunken courtyard is reused to provide light to the new open-concept ground floor featuring a kitchen and a dinning room. The main feature on the access floor is a multifunctional room next to the access, whereas the upper floor becomes a big suite surrounding a bathroom-furniture that organises the space.

The construction: The new organisation works with four main elements: wood, microcement, glass, and light.

Microcement is used for the floors, wood for the inner doors, cladding for the wall adjacent to the staircase in the three levels and for the new furniture, and glass will have a great presence in all the banisters and in the suite’s bathroom-furniture. And finally, the light on the ground floor will be optimized by both the sunken courtyard, which allows an increase of light gain, and the bathroom-furniture, which highlights the open space—for said furniture will be translucent in its upper part.

The new interior distribution of the space is to be created by means of light drywall partitions.

The functioning: The functioning of the different spaces and rooms is clearly set by their open distribution and aimed to increase their functionality.

The whole ground floor becomes a day area with an open concept kitchen, dinning room, and living room; on the first floor there is a room with a big sliding panel that allows the adaptation of the space to several uses, and in the second floor the three existing areas can be used as either a single room or three independent ones, depending on the eventual needs.

Energy efficiency: In order to meet the objective of achieving an improvement of the energy efficiency of the housing unit, the external woodwork is renovated and a drywall cladding is added to the inner part of the envelope. These works are aimed to both improve thermal comfort and reduce energy consumption.

  • Client: Self promotion
  • Status: In construction
  • Location: Urb. Vallpineda, Sant Pere de Ribes (Barcelona)
  • Year: 2016
  • Area: 157m²
  • Energy certification:


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