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Inner refurbishment project for a housing unit in a multi-family building

The building plot: This is an interior refurbishment project for a housing unit located in a multi-family building between party walls located in calle Muntaner (Muntaner Street) in Barcelona. The flat is 116 m² and its geometry is irregular. One of its façades faces the street and is in contact with two inner courtyards.

The conditions: The main objective is to achieve a new, more modern and functional distribution together with an improvement and a modernisation of both the existing materials and the installations of the flat.

In its shape, two bays that are concentric to the core of the staircase can be distinguished. This feature affects the final layout.

The project: The renovation of the space is planned, in the first place, with a first section belonging to the first of the bays. There is where the wet areas will be placed, in close connection with the inner courtyards. The second section belongs to the second bay and has the façade that faces the street. Said section houses the living and dining area and the bedrooms in order to both gain the maximum available natural light and achieve good cross ventilation.

The construction: Since we are in multi-family building, its external aspect will not be modified. Regarding the interior, its distribution is to be modified using new drywall partition walls. Parquet flooring is used for all floors but the bathrooms’, where tiles can be found in both floors and walls.

The functioning: It is directly related to the distribution of the two bays. There is an inner area gathering the access, the installations, and the wet zones, as well as another area housing the main rooms and those balconies facing the street.

Energy efficiency: Installations, were modernised, updated, and replaced with more efficient ones when necessary.

  • Client: Private real estate developer
  • Status: Refurbished
  • Location: C/Muntaner, 181. Barcelona
  • Year: 2012
  • Area: 116m²
  • Energy certification:


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