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Local Police

Refurbishment project for the entrance area of the Local Police station in Sitges

The building plot: This is a project for both the refurbishment of the entrance area and the remodelling of the reception area of the Sitges’ Local Police Station.

The conditions: The current timber lining for the access must be modified due to its damaged condition, and the space in the reception area must be distributed in order to improve both its organisation and its functionality, because said area was already too open.

The project: The order of the reception area and the inner offices is reversed to achieve a clear separation between public and internal areas. Both the main counter and a secondary one are modified to provide them with more close a look than the pre-existing ones had. By means of these renovations, a new image is achieved for the access next to the waiting room.

The organisation of two former rooms located to the right of the waiting room is also redistributed. Both spaces are connected in order to create a large meeting room out of the area for use of the police force only.

The construction: In order to reorganise the space in the reception area, both the main counter and a secondary one, now displaying more close a look than the preexisting ones.

Blue and grey Alucobond—a material made of aluminium sheets that properly fits the image of the Local Police—was used in both the external lining of the entrance area and the new waiting area inside.

The functioning: Said functioning results from its main objective—to separate the area intended for a public use from that designed for internal use only.

  • Client: Promoter public
  • Status: Reformed
  • Location: C/ Samuel de Barrachina, Sitges
  • Year: 2014
  • Area: 90m²
  • Energy certification:



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