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Inner refurbishment project for a housing unit located in a corner multi-family building

The building plotThis is an interior refurbishment project for a housing unit located in a multi-family building between party walls in calle Puig-Reig (Puig-Reig Street), in Barcelona. The flat is 118 m², its geometry is quadrangular, and it has two exterior façades, one facing the street and the other facing a terrace.

The conditions: The main objective is to provide a new, more open and functional distribution to the flat by means of the improvement and modernisation of both existing materials and installations.

The project: The renovation of the interior space is planned in two sections, the first one containing the bedrooms and the bathrooms and the second, open-concept one being designed as a day area consisting of an open-concept kitchen and dinning space leading to the outdoor terrace.

The construction: Since we are in multi-family building, its external aspect will not be modified. Regarding the interior, its distribution is modified using new drywall partition walls. Regarding the materials, parquet flooring is used for all floors but the bathrooms’, where tiles can be found in both floors and walls.

The functioning: Since the aim of this refurbishment is to increase the functionality of the house, its wet zones—this is, the kitchen and the bathrooms—are placed together. To make the best use of the space the access is via the suite, which has been designed to have different zones so said space could be divided using sliding panels in order to adjust to the needs in each moment. The rest of the functioning is determined by the distribution in both the night area, which is distributed along the entrance hallway, and the day area, which is completely open.

Energy efficiency: All the exterior woodwork is replaced in order to achieve a greater level of thermal comfort with thermal bridge breakage and the proper glasses. Regarding the installations, these are modernised, updated, and replaced with more efficient ones when necessary.

  • Cliente: Autopromoción
  • Estado: Reformado
  • Ubicación: Barcelona
  • Año: 2012
  • Superficie: 118m²
  • Certificación energética:


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