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Remodeling of two storefronts for the Benazet pharmacy in Sitges

Planning and execution of remodeling for expansion of the Benazet pharmacy, two adjacent storefronts in Sitges.

Background: This project involves interior remodeling of two adjacent storefronts as locations for the Benazet pharmacy and Subursalut health products store. One of these storefronts was previously occupied by a bar and the other housed the health products store that we would be expanding. With this project, the two storefronts were joined together and updated to become a single space, with a single entryway for the pharmacy and health product areas.

The conditions: Once the two storefronts had been joined together, we had created a larger space for displays and better accommodation for movement of the customers and employees. In addition to a new laboratory, we also added new offices, meeting rooms, customer service areas, and storage spaces.

The plan: The pre-existing health products store was located within a single storefront. It was then joined to the adjacent storefront by cutting a large supported opening in the dividing wall. This created a single, more spacious store offering expanded possibilities and improved lighting.

The construction: Laminated glass separation panels were used to create the office spaces, which allows the natural light to permeate into the interior and reach all of the new spaces. The flooring is light-colored wood, to give a Mediterranean feel and help diffuse the light throughout the space. All of the shelving as well as the cabinets and furniture are also made of wood, contrasting with the white color of the other walls. To create continuity across the facade, the new storefront was given the same characteristics as the adjacent one by finishing with Sant Vicenç stone. This allowed us to give the two storefronts a unified appearance by maintaining the same aesthetic.

The functionality: We created a different atmosphere for the display and customer service areas compared to the private areas. The shopping areas are in a large, open-plan space, with the perimeter walls being taken advantage of to display products. Natural light is also incorporated as much as possible thanks to large windows facing the street and an interior atrium. Incorporation of the second storefront also allowed addition of a basement level. We installed a new stairwell, with the stairs made of iron beams and the steps covered with wood. This new level, which is well connected with the ground floor, is now being used for two essential spaces: the storage area and the laboratory.

  • Client: Self promotion
  • Status: Reformed
  • Location: Av. Camí Capellans 21-23 bajos, Sitges
  • Year: 2016
  • Area: 240,60 m²
  • Energy certification:



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