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Interior ground floor remodeling for the Ruiz furniture store

Planning and execution of remodeling for the Ruiz furniture store, two adjacent storefronts in Sitges.

Background: This project involves interior remodeling of two adjacent storefronts for a furniture store, with a single ground floor space and a mezzanine.

The conditions: At the beginning of the project these two storefronts were not in use. Since these spaces are on the ground floor of the building, direct access from the street was already available. Prior to our renovation this location was filled with dividing walls that prevented natural light from entering the interior spaces. The basic objective was to update the building to accommodate a furniture store, including a customer service area, offices, restrooms, and storage space.

The plan: It was first proposed to take out the dividing walls to create an open-plan space with infinite possibilities for displaying the furniture inside. To get the building ready for this new use, new flooring was installed along with a new electrical system, among other upgrades.

The construction: The storefront had a broad exposure to the street outside on its lower level. This allowed us to take maximum advantage of bringing natural light into the interior. The two original storefronts were connected using a large circular opening cut into the dividing wall. The mezzanine runs along the entire store longitudinally and overlooks the lower level, generating an extensive double-height space.

The functionality: The main customer entrance is through the beveled corner of the building. This is also where the customer service area has been located. The entire perimeter that faces out onto the street has been dedicated to an extensive display area. The large dimensions of the floor area along with the double-height created along most of the space by the mezzanine creates a very open feel that allows the products to be displayed in various ways, without internal dividing walls obstructing the view. This decision allowed interior arrangements to be created here in order to generate small environments where it is easy to imaging a scene surrounding the furniture. The mezzanine level, with a height of less than 2 meters, is dedicated to displaying furniture for more intimate and controlled areas of the home. Finally, the entire area used for utilities, storage, and offices is positioned around the perimeter, more towards the interior of the building.

  • Client: Self promotion
  • Status: Reformed
  • Location: Paseo Vilanova 44-46, Planta Baja – Local, Sitges
  • Year: 2016
  • Area: 557,05 m²
  • Energy certification:


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