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Renovation project for a business premises in order for them to be the new location of our architecture office

The building plot: This is a renovation project for some existing disused business premises located on the ground floor in a multi-family building. There is an inner patio.

The conditions: The main determining factor is the refurbishment of the premises in order to create a single office. The premises should have several working areas, an access area, a meeting room, a dinning and resting staff area, and a bathroom. The premises featured an abandoned, disused gardened area that could be accessed from the inside. Turning said exterior space into one of the most important areas of our office was also a key-conditioning factor from the start.

The project: The project is developed according to a predefined brief. The access is placed via the exterior patio. Said space acts as an entry access, an outdoor meeting area, and a resting area at the same time. The brief for our business premises is organised fishbone-like—the focus is a central aisle with rooms on either side. The meeting room, which enjoys views to the patio, the bathroom, and the dinning and resting staff area are located on one side of the aisle, whereas the offices featuring a big glass façade facing the street are on the other side.

The construction: Wood varnished in a neutral, colourless shade was chosen as the main material for this refurbishment. Said material can be found in the woodwork, as well as in several linings and claddings, and in the furniture and lighting throughout the premises. The general lighting is created using tubular LEDs within the wood jambs in the ceiling. Another type of lighting, which is more focused on the working areas, is also developed in this project.

The climate control system is solved by installing a highly energyefficient heat pump, which is able to self-adjust depending on both the flow and the thermal need of the various rooms. This allows said pump to properly adjust both its power and its energy consumption to each moment’s needs. All lighting systems are made using low energy consumption LED lights.

  • Client: Private real estate developer
  • Status: Reformed
  • Location: Av. Camí Capellans nº81, local 2A, Sitges
  • Year: 2015
  • Area: 105m²
  • Energy certification: B


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