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Interior refurbishment for a housing unit located in a multi-family building between party walls

The building plot: This is an interior refurbishment in a one-family home between party walls located on the seafront in Sitges.

This 1-level housing unit has 113,45 m² of constructed area.

The conditions: The aim of this refurbishment is to improve the energy efficiency of the housing unit while changing the way its space is organised inside in order to increase its degree of comfort. In this case, we have two very positive conditioning factors on our side which will be the two poles around which the brief will revolve. The first of them is its privileged location, for it is on the seafront. The second pole is its huge inner patio. We put our efforts in refurbishing the interior spaces in relation to both their functionality and their design.

The project: We deal with the refurbishment of a pre-existing building, so its external aspect will not be modified. It was inside the housing unit where we were going to operate—both with the brief and with the overall functionality. The exterior poles were used to build the rooms in the most suitable places of the house. The day area is directly connected to the exterior and facing the street. Since said area enjoys the typical seafront views the living room, the dinning room, and the kitchen should be placed in this area. The wet zone of the house is bound to act as a nexus by articulating the day and the night areas. The master bedroom, a suite with a build-in office, is oriented towards the inner patio. As a result, it enjoys natural light while being a quiet area throughout the day.

The construction: Four main elements are to be used in this refurbishment: wood for the interior woodwork, microcement for the floors, glass, and light as a material in itself. Both lighting and interior transparencies will be key aspects in this refurbishment, for they go hand in hand when it comes to pouring inside the house all the light that might be gained from outside. This will allow the interior of the housing unit to convey a great feeling of spaciousness.

The functioning: The whole refurbishment is clearly determined by the route generated by the rooms. As we enter the house, the huge, multifunctional space of the day area is to be found. This is the place where we have the first contact with the interior of the house, which in turn is directly linked to the sea. as we keep entering the house, the level of privacy increases until we find the big ensuite bedroom and its built-in working area. Both rooms provide us direct access to the back yard.

  • Client: Self promotion
  • Status: In refurbishment
  • Location: c/ Port Alegre, Platja Sant Sebastià, Sitges (Barcelona)
  • Year: 2016
  • Area: 110m²
  • Energy certification:



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