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Sant Antoni Maria Claret

Indoor refurbishment and restoration project for a multi-family corner building. Its scope includes the housing units as well as the roof, the patio, and the façade

The building plot: It is located in the city of Barcelona, in the chamfer that form calle Padilla (Padilla Street) and Sant Antoni Maria Claret, and mainly oriented to the latter. The parts of the façade in each street face north-east and south-east, respectively.

The conditions: Since it is a comprehensive restoration, the main determinant is the pre-existence we find there. The building is listed with the level of protection granted to those buildings belonging to the special ensemble of L’Eixample district that were built before 1965. This regulation does not allow any sort of intervention in the façade of a building but its restoration in order to keep it in its original condition. Each floor in the building will keep their 3 existing housing units, although their distribution will be modified according to the current standards.

The project: Each housing unit in the restored building revolves around one of the patios. This is how the new architecture adapts to the pre-existence and seeks the best way to connect both realities to reach a proper meeting point.

The construction: The inner courtyards will be cleaned up and restored in order for them to develop the direct relationship we want them to have with the adjoining rooms. In the same way, the roof is to be restored in order to improve thermal and airtight envelope. The roof is to be entirely restored—both waterproofing and insulation will be installed anew. The building endures minimal structural affectation and it is related to existing minor repair procedures. The core of staircase is left as it was except for a minor intervention aimed to improve the building’s accessibility by allowing the lift to make its final stop on the ground floor instead of finishing its descent on the mezzanine floor like it did before.

The functioning: All rooms connected with the outside of the building have thermal insulation inside. It significantly improves the degree of comfort inside the building. The relationship that establishes between the exterior and the patios because of their distribution allow all housing units to have cross ventilation.

Energy efficiency: Energy conditions regarding demand are significantly improved. An inner cladding is integrated to the whole drywall envelope with built-in insulation. New woodwork is also added. An aerothermal heating system is installed in the building for climate control and domestic hot water.

  • Client: Private real estate developer
  • Status: in project
  • Location: C/Sant Antoni Maria Claret, 131. Barcelona
  • Year: 2016
  • Area: 1930m²
  • Energy certification:


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