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Detached one-family home in Sitges
Functionality and traditional materials for a contemporary design.

The building plot: The site is located in Vallpineda, a residential area near Sitges. This is a 450 m² rectangular plot enjoying all the urban services. It presents a flat topography and has direct access from the street, as well as good insolation and orientation.

The conditions: The functional brief of this housing unit consists of a basement floor for the garage, installations and box rooms; a ground floor featuring a day area and a first floor housing the night area. The living area must develop a double relationship with the outer parts: on the one hand, there must be a porch area connecting to the swimming pool and, on the other hand, a more private area away from the exterior views and linked to the northern boundary of the building plot. The first floor houses the night area, as well as the rest of the functional brief. Fine and traditional materials must be used in order allow the house to draw clear and simple geometric lines.

The project: The geometry of the building plot, its dimensions, its orientation, and the functional brief are determining factors for the project from its start. A single, rectangular volume is clearly defined both in plan and elevations. An outdoor area, an access transition space between porches, a day area connected to front and back areas of the building plot, and a central staircase to minimize the need to walk indoors. On the first floor, the rooms are connected with the exterior by means of a deck, whereas the back area is just for placing a bathrooms and accesses area. This allows us to design a housing unit that is simple and strong in shape, but very functional and practical for its dwellers.

The construction: Traditional materials have been used to build this house—exposed brickwork, travertine marble, roughcast, and wood. Together with strong, simple, and definite lines, these materials allow us to achieve a contemporary result for the housing unit. Said housing unit is built with a porticoed concrete structure and its exterior walls are made of either exposed brickwork or roughcast perforated brick without any structural function. A gable roof made of curved tiles crowns the building and highlights its rectangular geometry. This is a housing unit planned in 2004 using timeless forms and materials.

  • Client: Private real estate developer
  • Status: Built
  • Location:C/ Mestre Falla W-5 Urb. Vallpineda, Sitges
  • Year: 2004
  • Area: 450m²
  • Energy certification: Unvaliable


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