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Project for new construction of a highly energy efficient single-family home, between adjacent buildings in the city center of Viladecans.
Design, functionality, and energy efficiency in a single project, while taking advantage of pre-existing characteristics of the site.

The land: This project involves a rectangular lot of 295 m² located in the city center of Viladecans. The original construction on the lot is a small L-shaped building used as a warehouse. This building is being demolished and the lot completely cleared, except for a series of stone arches that are being preserved and stabilized in order to integrate them into the new plans.

The conditions: The project began in April 2016 and its completion is expected around the end of the year. This project involves new construction of a single-family home between adjacent buildings, with the fundamental objectives of perfect integration with the adjoining structures and integration of a series of pre-existing stone arches into the home.

The plan: The main objective of this project is to build a modern home with a functional design and high energy efficiency, to allow for an energy consumption of practically zero.

The home is designed with two levels to take maximum advantage of the permissible building area, with a central atrium that provides light and ventilation for the majority of the spaces. The home also has an indoor swimming pool area next to the series of pre-existing stone arches, as well as a studio in the rear part of the property. All of these spaces surround an outdoor patio.

The construction: This project features two different types of construction. On one hand, there is the main structure of the home with a more solid feel, based on a steel framework with large rectangular openings and with a flat, non-walkable roof. On the other hand, there is the part of the home with the indoor pool and the studio with sloping wooden roof structures. These two types of construction allow us to set the two spaces apart, along with their functions.

The materials used on the facade are also worth emphasizing. When viewed from the street, the lower level is given a distinctive appearance using Sant Vicenç stone. The rest of the facade is finished using SATE, a type of continuous siding with built-in exterior insulation.

The functionality: The home has uses that are differentiated by the levels. The ground floor contains all of the common areas and living spaces, the swimming pool, and the studio, while the bedrooms are found on the upper floor.

Energy efficiency: To fulfill the objective of creating a highly energy-efficient passive house with practically zero energy consumption, an aerothermal unit is installed to feed the heat recovery ventilation system, radiant floor, and hot water circuit. There are various layers of insulation for the facade, including interior cladding as well as exterior siding using SATE, also included for the atrium. All thermal bridging is being prevented by the use of high-quality door and window frames adapted to each orientation of the facades. The facade facing the street also has slat-type sun shades to provide even greater protection.

  • Client: Self promotion
  • Status: Finished work
  • Location: Viladecans (Barcelona)
  • Year: 2016
  • Area: 338m²
  • Energy certification: A


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