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Detached one-family home in S'Agaró.

The building plot: This is a project for a detached one-family home in the town of Sant Feliu de Guíxols. The trapezoidal building plot is 443,40 m² and has a slight slope with south-eastern orientation.

The conditions: A two-floor housing unit with a half sloping, half crossable roof is designed. The basic requirements were to see that all rooms had sea views, enjoyed natural light, and followed the aesthetic criteria requested by our clients.

The project and its functioning: Given the difference in height existing between the entrance to the plot and its opposite limit, it was decided that the ground floor should be laid below ground level. On this floor, three double rooms, a leisure room, an area for installations, a laundry room, and two bathrooms—one of the latter, a private bathroom— can be found. All rooms enjoy both views and direct access to the exterior, where the swimming pool is located. The layout always makes the most of both orientation and sea views. Those rooms where the main requirements are not to be followed will help in the final organisation of the space by being located against the retaining wall. On the first floor, both the day area and one more room will be located. The entry access to the housing unit will also be laid here. All rooms on this floor but the garage and both bathrooms will enjoy views and direct access to the exterior. This will allow the day area, which is usually the most used part in a house, to enjoy both the best sea views and an optimal orientation. In addition to the ground and first floors, a final floor below the roof was projected. It enjoys an exterior panoramic view of almost 360°.

The construction: The architecture of this housing unit is defined by being a single volume with a setback on both the ground floor and the first floor in order to allow all rooms to enjoy direct connexion with the exterior. Since the housing unit must adapt to the ground, in the access floor seems like the building has just one floor. However, once we step in we see that it actually has two floors and, in addition, descends a bit to connect with another area in the garden, thus generating a big platform. The aesthetic of the whole house is clear and strong. It is characterised by the use of materials such as a ceramic lining in a light colour, structural elements coated with dark sheets, and wooden floors in the two exterior levels.

  • Client: Private real estate developer
  • Status: Built
  • Location: C/ Triadores de Taps, S’agaró.
  • Year: 2013
  • Area: 317,3m²
  • Energy certification: Not available



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