Canadian or Provençal well

The Canadian or Provencal well, passive geothermal zero consumption.

The Canadian well is a technique that allows us to take advantage of the heat of the subsoil. In the architecture of passive or bioclimatic houses is one of the simplest systems that we can find. Circulating the air through the surface layer of the subsoil will provide to the homes coolness in summer and a temperament in winter.

pozo canadiense  pozo provenzal


Being the same system, we call it Canadian well when the installation is mainly intended to preheat the air in winter, while we call Provencal well in case we use it to cool the air in summer.

Its construction is based on the installation in the subsoil of ducts to a depth between 2 and 4 meters and a length of about 35 meters and to circulate the air through them. In contact with the ducts the air acquires the temperature of the land, which later, with extra or not of temperature, we will introduce it to the rooms of the house.

We estimate that at a depth of about 20 meters we can find a constant temperature throughout the year. However, at a depth of about 3-4 meters we already have temperatures that we can consider close to the optimal comfort temperatures in a home (18º to 23º).

Once we introduce the air inside the house, it must be driven by the rooms of the same. We can push it directly or connect it to a heat recuperator to increase its performance and filter the air.

Its advantages are clear:

  • Its operation practically does not require energy.
  • Passive system, preheating or cooling the air in a natural way.

We are currently designing, designing and building a semi-detached single-family home in Sitges, where the system used will be a Canadian well system connected to a VMC double flow heat recuperator from Siber.


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