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600 m² approx.
(x 12 lots)
480 m² aprox.
(x 12 houses)
7,1 kWh/m2a

12,4 kgCO2/m2a
12,7 kWh/m2a
Blower door n50:
Passivhaus Plus

Luxury Mediterranean Passivhaus en Sitges

This is a unique collection of luxury dwellings located in Vallpineda —one of the most exclusive residential areas in Sitges— which have been designed considering comfort under the Passivhaus criteria.

This unique complex will consist of 12 first-phase dwellings and 18 second-phase dwellings.

These are luxury villas of around 370m2 each with large outdoor areas. They will feature a swimming-pool, a chill-out area, an outdoor barbecue area and a large garden based on a thoroughly designed landscape project.

The Plot

The project is located in Vallpineda, one of the most exclusive residential areas in Sitges.

The complex will consist of 12 first-phase dwellings and 18 second-phase dwellings.

The Project

Inside the dwellings, spaces are always ample, and the basement accommodates a large multipurpose area for a cellar, a cinema room, a gym, a spa, an indoor swimming-pool or spare space. Residents in Cala Blanca will enjoy a 24/7 dedicated concierge and private security service, as well as priority access to the new Club House. There are international schools, sport facilities and shopping areas in the surroundings.

The Construction

  • Indoor and outdoor Linkfloor Feudal and porcelanic flooring.
  • Security access door with maximum airtightness and automatic multipoint locking system.
  • White lacquered solid connecting doors.
  • Fully furnished and equipped kitchen, with Xtone counter and white sink.
  • Built-in bathroom furniture.
  • Noken sanitary fittings.
  • Noken taps.
  • Direct lighting and ventilation in every room.
  • WERO PVC AFINO-ONE external joinery, with thermal bridge breaks and triple glazing.
  • Thermally insulated aluminium blinds in living-rooms and bedrooms.
  • ETICS thermal insulation thicker than the one used in conventional dwellings.
  • Heating and cooling through false ceiling conducts.
  • Zehnder enthalpy heat recovery ventilation system.
  • Otis type lift.
  • External casket canopies for sun protection.
  • High-performance photovoltaic solar panels.
  • Garden according to specialist landscape project.
  • Outdoor barbecue area.
  • Swimming-pool with glazed tiles, saline chlorination and lighting.
  • Chill-Out area with chimney.

Energy efficiency

The Passivhaus standard means an energy-efficient way of construction. These dwellings make the most of natural light, they are noise isolated and provide great indoor air quality and humidity control, always having an optimal temperature inside. Passivhaus criteria use the minimum amount of energy in order to get high comfort and wellbeing. This constructive system reduces energy use up to 90% when compared to a modern conventional dwelling, meaning significant economic savings. The air in these dwellings is always clean and allergen-free, and the users feel healthier and more productive. The dwellings require lower maintenance and have a low environmental impact, helping to reduce CO2 emissions.

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