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945,10 m²
233,55 m²
12,70 KWh/m² year
4,00 Kg CO2/m² year
17,00 KWh/m² year
Blower door n50:
0,63 ren/h
Low Energy Building
in process

Detached Single-family Dwelling in Reus

This a high-performance detached single-family dwelling in Reus developed according to Passivhaus standards (pending Passivhaus Plus certification). The aim is to achieve a nearly zero-energy passive house with great interior comfort.

The Plot

The capital’s altitude is 117m above sea level, and the project’s site is 86.46m above sea level. This is a consolidated urban land plot, with no existing buildings. The plot is 945.10 m2 and it has a slightly irregular rectangular shape with a building front of 22.82m and a building backside of 21.06m. The plot is virtually completely flat. There are some neighbouring plots which have not been built on yet. The main street is a 14-metre-wide two-way road, with low traffic volume and low noise level.

The Project

This is a detached single-family dwelling with access from the main street and which complies with road, neighbours and plot backside borders. The project consists of two levels: a ground floor for the day zone and a first floor for the night zone.

The Construction

The dwelling’s structure is designed as a connection of three white boxes for different uses:

there are two boxes for the ground floor (one for the day zone and another one for the service area) and one box for the first floor. Those three structures are connected by the vertical core, which is also connected to a double-height space making the entrance. The backside leading on to the main garden is a very open façade, while the main façade is a more closed one. One of the structures is a natural stone coated box shaping the day-zone courtyard and leading on to the entrance, meaning more privacy. The façades are constructed using ETICS, natural stone, synthetic wood on some areas, high-performance PVC joinery and sun protection made from aluminium planks with a brown textured finish.

The Functional Programme

The building, consisting of two floors, is differentiated by two levels: the day zone on the ground floor and the night zone on the first floor. Walk-in and vehicle accesses are on the floor leading on to the street. The ground floor has two areas clearly differentiated and separated by a double-height access passage. The day zone consists of a kitchen, a dining room and a living room connected by one side to an exterior porch leading on to the garden and outdoor swimming-pool., and by the other side, to a more delimited courtyard located towards the entrance space. 

It also has the service area consisting of a study readily convertible to a guest room, a bathroom, the stairway connecting to the top floor, an installations wet area, a laundry room and a storeroom, which are connected to an exterior parking lot. The first floor is the night zone, with an ensuite double bedroom with a walk-in closet, and two single bedrooms sharing a full bathroom. All three bedrooms lead on to a terrace just on top of the porch.

Energy Efficiency

The SgPi dwelling is pending Passivhaus Plus certification. In order to meet such certification’s requirements, the Passivhaus Classic certification relevant requirements (airtightness, lack of thermal bridges, significant insulation, heat recovery system and high-performance windows) are met along with a maximum renewable primary (PER) energy demand and photovoltaic generation. Thus, high interior comfort and extremely low energy demand are ensured.

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