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Comprehensive project management


A proper construction project management is key in order to successfully realise an idea. And who better to do that than the same team who devised the idea from the very beginning? Here is how we carry out the comprehensive project management:

  • We hire and manage all the agents involved in the construction (both in the provision and installation phase).
  • We prepare a work planning based on every task to be performed according to the operation (renovation, new construction, upgrade, etc.). This means working out the schedule and following up all the work, solving any potential unforeseen situations by responding in a proactive way.
  • We perform the works management and the physical construction management. For the first case, a follow-up confirming the project is being successfully materialised is performed, along with monitorization in order to give green light to any modifications or alterations emerging during the works. In the second case, we supervise queries that may arise during the works execution.

Our ten-year experience along with our specialised team are the best companion to carry out a comprehensive project management.


These are some of the projects where we have carried out a comprehensive project management.

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