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Thermal bridge relevance

A thermal bridge is a highway with the cold coming from the outside to the inside of a dwelling.

They are generally created on the façade, because this is where components made with different materials meet or changes in thickness appear, meaning the loss of the thermal envelope continuity.

Thus, heat transfer from one side to another is produced, causing approximately 30% increase of energy use.

These areas are especially sensitive to superficial condensation and growth of moulds due to the temperature difference in cold times. Besides, they cause heat losses in the dwelling and thermal discomfort for the user.

In order to avoid thermal bridges, we use the so-called thermal bridge break by creating a clearance between internal and external materials of the dwelling and the addition of a low-conductivity material between them.

The insulation layer being continuous, with no disruptions or weaknesses is also important for avoiding heat losses in winter and heat gains in summer.

Our main objective is all about planning high energy-efficient dwellings. This is why we use the most innovative materials in the market to cause thermal bridge breaks and make the energy use to be significantly reduced.

We provide high quality joinery and insulation systems that, combined with renewable energies, produce a higher efficiency of energy generation and savings. Your investment will be paid off in a very short time.

We are constantly evolving to improve our care for the environment. We plan dwellings with a extremely high interior comfort and nearly-zero energy use.


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