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Nearly-zero energy use buildings

From December 2020, all new construction buildings must be NZEB (Nearly-Zero Energy Building).

Therefore, a nearly-zero energy building aims at meeting international protocols on CO2 emissions reduction established by the Paris Agreement.

The design and constructive goals of a nearly-zero energy building are summarised as follows:

  • Significant reduction of energy demand by high insulation and avoidance of thermal bridges.
  • Air quality relevance: forced ventilation with heat recovery system, humidity control.
  • Renewable energy systems: aerothermal, photovoltaic, thermal solar energy systems
  • High energy-efficient conditioning systems.
  • Restriction of total energy use and non-renewable energies.

Making all new constructions nearly-zero energy buildings means a great challenge for the current industry’s scenery. At present, most constructions’ criteria are far from what a nearly-zero energy building is. We have little time ahead and a lot to do.

Construction industry requires new professional profiles. Specialisation should cease to be added value and become a must.

A building should stop being just a container where activities are conducted and should take care of its users. It should provide wellness and comfort based on its use.

At SgArq we have been constructing nearly-zero energy buildings based on the Passivhaus standard for years now. These are dwellings where life is better and energy use is lower. They are dwellings where the user and their comfort are the main reason.


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